Client Testimonials

Jackie is committed to providing superior customer service.

I have known Jackie for many years in both a personal and professional capacity. From a client perspective, Jackie is professional, insightful, and effective. She has superior communication skills and is an excellent problem solver.
Jackie’s empathic personality puts you at ease immediately, where she motivates, inspires and empowers you to become a better version of yourself. Her confidentiality and ability to get deep into the core of any situation is a standout for her clients. Jackie works in a very holistic way, using her expert skills of encouragement, and a wonderful dash of humour blended to make your client experience a fulfilling one.

I highly recommend Jackie as a mentor and coach.

“I completed the NLP Practitioner’s course with Jackie in January 2005. I had, had reasonable success in my sales and marketing career to date, most of the time not giving a lot of thought to why a successful deal or why a business deal failed? If only I knew then what I know now!
NLP for me personally was about the study of excellence, looking at models and techniques to achieve excellence. During the course, with some wonderful support and guidance I had the luxury to take a long look at models that I had, that were not serving me well and changing them. That is the fantastic thing, it’s that easy! Once you know how.
NLP has provided me with amazing tools that are not only superb for improving my career, but more importantly improving all facets of my life.
 Jackie provides a safe place where you are very confident to trust and venture to new places, she provides clarity, insight and most importantly humour. I have been very fortunate to have the pleasure of studying with Jackie and I look forward to many more opportunities.”

Jackie is a highly energetic coach who adds great value to every relationship she makes with others. She is very thorough in everything she does and can be depended upon to get the job done. When I was new to the Adelaide job-market Jackie coached me via her company “Jackie G NLP”. The result was a greatly improved CV which resulted in successful interviews. I appreciated her willingness to put me in touch with relevant contacts within her networking circle and am delighted to recommend her.

Testimonials? Mmmmm, I have not really written anything official, so this must be it. What is different is inside of me, in how I feel and relate to the world. People around me notice, but they don’t really know the depth of the changes in me, they never will. It is something that I think someone outside of me would only be able to understand if they had a reference point of where I was before I started Jackie’s course. I didn’t allow anyone close enough to have a reference point like that, and that’s ok, I know.
When I got referred to Jackie, it was by another gentleman who I had a lot of trust in, trust that was earned. I am fairly sceptical about NLP in general and I consider myself really lucky (or the universe works in strange ways, you choose) to have come across this particular approach” (if you like) to NLP. Why? Because they are some of the most ethical people that I have ever come across. Anywhere, in any walk of like. That is not me being nice to the people who trained me that is me stating a simple fact. It is not really surprising I suppose, NLP is a really powerful toolkit to explore the world with, so they must be really responsible with how they use and apply it. They have all these big names in NLP endorsing and training with them (Richard Bandler, Steve Gilligan, ask Jackie, she can reel of their names if you like it’s quite impressive) and they have the most cutting-edge technology around, them being ethical in their dealings is more important to me than big names or cutting edges.

This is the second NLP Practitioners that I have completed so I have a good reference point to be able to compare. The first one that I did was good, it taught me Classic NLP very effectively. Jackie’s New-Code NLP course got me applying and living what I know.
I have a reasonably good understanding of NLP, though I have much to learn (masters next), and I do know that there must be other ways to change your life/work/relationships/attitude/finances/whatnot. I just do not think there is a better way than NLP. It becomes an attitude, a way of seeing the world that makes sense after a while. I get the feeling that the world might make sense after a while, though it doesn’t yet, ask me in ten years. In my opinion if you are going to learn NLP then you are set. It is to me an essential life skill, you can survive life without it, but why would you? Getting Jackie to show you how, I think is just the best decision you can make.
Jackie as a mentor? Cool, I do not know if you have met her, she is down to earth, she has an easy going, friendly way about her, she is full of mischief and she knows her stuff. She is human, gentle, and compassionate, and she has a very interesting sense of humour. Some days of practitioner were exhausting, and some days we laughed so hard it felt like a weekend break. We learnt so much, every day we were there that it took days to like, collate the learning’s after a weekend.
Am I impressed with NLP?

“Awesome is the only way I can describe Jackie’s level of commitment. As a client she teaches and provides you with learning’s to enhance and take you through whatever changes you seek. Her capacity to inspire, manage and motive continue to this day in whatever I choose to do. Jackie you are truly a wonderful person.”

“Awesome is the only way I can describe Jackie’s level of commitment. As a client she teaches and provides you with learning’s to enhance and take you through whatever changes you seek. Her capacity to inspire, manage and motive continue to this day in whatever I choose to do. Jackie you are truly a wonderful person.”

“In recent time I have had the opportunity to spend a total of 39 days in several different training environments with groups of people ranging 15, 40 & 70 in number. On each occasion, Jackie Green was solely responsible for logistics. That is, making things happen form behind the scenes. What difference does Jackie make to a learning environment in this capacity?
In each case, the program flowed in a totally seamless, unhindered and elegant manner. Jackie has rare skill in being able to pre-empt every minor and major glitch before it has an opportunity to impact on participants and course structure. This allows both learners and trainers to attend to their core business without the many breakdowns that can so often intrude into the learning environment even with the best of intentions. What I observe, when Jackie is in the back of the training room (and I make this comment as a fellow trainer/facilitator) that highly skilled and resourceful trainers at the front of the room rely heavily on her to provide invisible but no less important organizational flair, unwavering attention to group dynamics, subtleties in group process and the progress of every individual in the group. It is through this attention to excellence that allows Jackie to make a profound difference in the outcome of any learning environment blessed with her presence. Having observed first hand and on a consistent basis the difference Jackie makes to any learning environment, I can totally understand why internationally acclaimed presenters are reluctant to leave home without her.”

“Whether as a trainer, facilitator or coach, Jackie Green is a rare find – she seems to have an almost magical ability to create an atmosphere where priceless insights just keep on bubbling to the surface of your mind. More importantly though, what you get with Jackie is what works in the real world – not just vague concepts and big words. Her style is practical and hands-on, with just a healthy dash of irreverence. Training with Jackie has been of tremendous value to me and I can’t wait to do it again.”

“Having spent 21 days at NLP practitioner training, 12 days Ericksonian Hypnosis and being involved in numerous other activities with Jackie, I can only be enthusiastic about her. With her bubbly personality, warm caring manner, she is a delight to have around. With her uncanny 6th sense for spotting a potential problem, Jackie was always there to sooth and calm. She unhesitatingly gives her best, unstinting in her immaculate handling of all matters, positive and negative. She is obviously highly proficient in her NLP skills as demonstrated by her brilliant handling of any given situation. She is astute, clear minded, organized and efficient. She is accessible to one and all and to train with Jackie is a pleasurable transformative journey. She has a vast background in NLP matters having trained with the original creators. Jackie is the quintessential NLP teacher to turn to in view of her mastery in the subject.”

Feedback from some of the attendees at your workshop “Boost your hit rate – selling services and products’
Excellent: very good strategies; very dynamic speaker; easy going and easy to talk to; passionate; good presenter; very jovial and my favourite ‘she made me think’
100% of participants were very satisfied that your workshop would be useful to them in their business and indicated they will implement what they had learnt into their business. 100% rated your delivery of the workshop as excellent.

Feedback from attendees at your workshop ‘Effective Business Negotiation.”
Engaging; practical; held my attention; clever; fun; articulate; enjoyed the interactions excellent training material; great tips; enjoyed pace & style; insightful; easy to follow; know her stuff; learnt heaps.
100% of participants rated your presentation as good or excellent and indicated they were satisfied with the workshop and indicated they were likely to implement what they had learnt into their business.
100% thought the workshop was well organised.

“Hi Jackie, Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the workshop. I found it to be really valuable, I feel I now have a better idea of how to apply NLP. I also wanted to tell you that for the first time EVER, I actually allowed myself to participate fully in the exercises during your workshop and found that to be very empowering. I am usually so caught up during workshop in feeling inadequate that I don’t take risks and therefore don’t experience the process. But this time through your approach I was able to dive in. So, a really huge THANK-YOU, to you for getting me to that place. It was amazing and you are amazing!! Keep doing what you do.”