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Want to change patterns and behaviours that hold you back?

DO You:

Set goals but not achieve them?

Feel like your stuck going round and round in circles?

Get frustrated, angry and lash out but not sure why?

Find it difficult to communicate what you want?

Have ongoing aches, pains or even headaches?

Feel emotionally or mentally drained?

Do You want to create positive change in yourself or your business?

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Jackie Green – Leading NLP Trainer, Dip Cht, Hypnotherapy

“Hi I'm Jackie Green

On a mission to change people’s lives to have maximum positive impact.

I work with individuals and business owners who are feeling frustrated, stressed and mentally exhausted to positively change their lives and businesses through online face to face holistic coaching and training programs. Teaching skills to change, be more resourceful and emotionally present so they have a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.



Individual one - one walking talking sessions help open up new ways of thinking. Movement is crucial in assisting with creating new neuro - pathways and helping clear your mind of unwanted chatter. We walk at your pace and get to know each other so you feel comfortable to open up and allowing me to uncover any issues or challenges you want to work with whether you are aware of them of not. Things that are preventing you from moving forward or succeeding in life. You are only one step away from having the life you want!



Great for business and individuals. If you want to improve relationships, communication, staff performance, productivity, motivation, and creativity you can. NLP & Hypnotherapy is for people who want to enhance their life, reduce conflict or misunderstanding and develop new choices emotionally, mentally, and positively for themselves and others. Hypnotherapy can help reduce stress, anxiety, phobias, trauma, chronic pain and much more. Private consultations by appointment only. NLP & Hypnotherapy certification programs available



It is hard to manage staff, home life, family life, children, animals while at the same time, trying to find time for yourself. These are the things that we work on together so you can get the balance you need to have a healthy life, healthy relationships and a healthy bank balance. Starting out can be daunting. I work with you to create strategic plans and goals that enable you to grow and expand your business into the future. I provide coaching and workshops specifically developed to meet your needs. Not a cooker cutter approach.

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NLP Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Emotional Intelligence MSCEIT


"Whether as a trainer, facilitator or coach, Jackie Green is a rare find – she seems to have an almost magical ability to create an atmosphere where priceless insights just keep on bubbling to the surface of your mind. More importantly though, what you get with Jackie is what works in the real world – not just vague concepts and big words. Her style is practical and hands-on, with just a healthy dash of irreverence. Training with Jackie has been of tremendous value to me and I can’t wait to do it again."

James Tsakalos,
Director Developing Magic

"Hi Jackie, Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the workshop. I found it to be really valuable, I feel I now have a better idea of how to apply NLP. I also wanted to tell you that for the first time EVER, I actually allowed myself to participate fully in the exercises during your workshop and found that to be very empowering. I am usually so caught up during workshop in feeling inadequate that I don’t take risks and therefore don’t experience the process. But this time through your approach I was able to dive in. So, a really huge THANK-YOU, to you for getting me to that place. It was amazing and you are amazing!! Keep doing what you do."

"Jackie’s deep understanding of NLP is to be commended and would benefit anyone seeking a real life changing experience. The one unique advantage you have working with Jackie over other life coaches and trainers is that Jackie’s accolade of qualifications have been gained through training with the master himself, co-creator of NLP John Grinder. Her affiliation and assistance she has provided John Grinder while working side by side with him during his visits to Australia, has led her into a position envied by many trainers and coaches around the globe. This experience is not available to just anyone and one that you will certainly benefit from and makes the world of difference to achieving a desired outcome. I highly recommend Jackie’s services and her real world approach to making a difference in the lives of many!"

Louise Thompson

"In collaboration with our gender equity team at Penrith City Council, Jackie developed a workshop specifically aimed at encouraging non-supervisory female staff to ‘take the next step forward’. We were extremely impressed with Jackie’s wealth of knowledge, approachable personality, and engaging presentation style. The success of the first workshop led to a second workshop being held, with excellent feedback received regarding the value of the workshops and the supportive learning environment created. Jackie’s willingness to return to Council a few months later to facilitate a catch-up session is indicative of her commitment to ensuring the constitution of the positive momentum created amongst the participants. 50:50 Vision Project Team"

Penrith City Council